sexta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2013

[BUG] Report viewer cut off

Not a good day, today. So I'm gonna be as quick as I can.

Another very annoying bug in QTP, this time in the Results Viewer application. Every time you have extensive text checkpoints and you need to check why it has failed, Results Viewer displays both the expected and actual results, so you can visually see what's gone wrong.

Well, turns out that Results Viewer cuts off part of the actual text, as there were some sort of limitation in the text length. This way, we can't be clearly sure what happened to your checkpoint.

I know the screenshot below is not the best example as I had to blur out the text under "Property Value". What you see with a white background is your expected string, whereas the one in red and gray background is the actual text displayed in your application.

You can clearly see that there's a major size discrepancy.

Workaround: as usual, I have to copy the actual text in red, copy the expected text from the checkpoint (inside Objects Repository), put it altogether in a text editor and do the comparison myself. Sometimes I even use websites like DiffNow.