terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

[BUG] Missing lines? We have free extra lines!

This time, a very simple and stupid bug.

Every once in while, when you save your test, QTP gently adds blank lines at the bottom of the current action code. For no reason (well, maybe to troll you - who knows?).

Workaround: manually delete these lines.

terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

[BUG] Yet another missing feature between QTP 10 and 11

Here we go again. Same blah-blah-blah as before. Seems like no one tests the testing tool, except the users.

This time, working with Flex objects, I figured out that QTP 11 and Flex add-in 4.0.0 can't handle bitmap checkpoints. When capturing the mentioned checkpoint, you get a "Unspecified error". Can you believe it? No? So check this out:

Moreover, if you run a bitmap checkpoint of a test previously recorded on QTP 10 (where these things actually work), QTP 11 displays an "Object not visible" error.

Sorry, no screenshots this time.

Could it be more frustrating?

[BUG] Function Browser().FullScreen() is not working in QTP 11

Simply put. Function Browser().FullScreen() is not working in QTP 11.

Every time I try the FullScreen() command, I get a "General run error". As if a "General" would have "errors" during his daily "runs". #worst_joke_ever

Nothing else to say.

[BUG] When did an error is actually expeted? (UPDATED!)

Honestly, no errors should be expected in any application, right? Everything should work flawlessly. But in the real world this is not what happens.

Not even with QTP.

Yesterday, I tried to check out an Object Repository (aka OR) from Quality Center which was not checked out to any one, when I came across something unexpected.

Let's be honest. What good does an error message like these ones do? No answer is required.

Well, let me tell you that I tried several different approaches to fix this problem, all in vain. Closed QTP up and restarted it. Didn't work. Closed all programs, restarted my computer. Didn't work.

Turns out that my coworker edited the same OR few minutes before me, and did the check out/check in normally. After the fact, I tried to check it out on my PC and ended up with these error messages.

Solution: **apparently** what happened is that my coworker's QTP silently crashed after editing the OR and didn't freed it up correctly. When closing his QTP down, it displayed a memory leak problem which as probably the main problem.

After making sure his QTP was a 100% dead on his PC, the OR was MAGICALLY available for checkouts as expected.


UPDATE: a new message (or not) was reported by my coworker, on QTP 11. I swear, this is NOT fake!

segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2012

[BUG] QTP 10 to 11 migration issues

Yeah folks... moving from QTP 10..0 to 11.0 is not as smooth and seamless as it's supposed to (well, at least HP didn't alarmed it would be).

We have to "test the testing tool" (which answers back my first post - yes, the answer is "us, the users") and make sure that, at least, the basic functionalities we had in the past are still in place (yes, regression test applies for QTP too).

And we found a few features to be out of place. Obviously, unfortunately. After all, it's QTP for someone's sake.

The migration issue example for this post refers to the Datatable, which does not allows you to edit the column titles from QTP 10.0 tests. We opened our tests up, check them out from Quality Center, double clicked the column titles and... nothing happens! Frustrating.

- Why's that? - you ask.
- Who knows! It's QTP! - I answer back.

Workaround: very quick way to fix this is by exporting and re-importing the excel shit sheet into your test.

  1. Right click on the Datatable, choose File --> Export... and then Yes button.
  2. Save wherever you want in your PC, edit it if required (but don't mess it up!), save, close.
  3. Now, go back to QTP and right click the Datatable, choose File --> Import From File and choose the file you saved previously.
  4. Click OK on whatever message QTP shows you.
Done. The Datatable column names are editable again. Duh.