sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

[BUG] QTP 11 has a bug fix... OH WAIT!

Human beings are capable of adapting to the environment it lives in.

Bringing this sentence to the IT world, it's funny sometimes after countless hours working with the same software we end up getting used to its bugs and issues it has.

QTP is a very good example. Most of the issues I've found (but not all) and posted in this blog have a way to workaround it. And even sometimes we find the somehow useful.

Well, turns out that the ONLY useful bug present in QTP 10 was fixed (so to speak) in QTP 11.

When you open a test in read-only mode, you can't do much to it except (1) run and (2) delete values from the DataTable (this last one is the bug). And this is the point, several times it's useful to open a test and delete a few cells in the DataTable resting assured that they will be intact when you re-open the test. In our tests, we usually have several rows (which represents the test scenarios) in the DataTable and a column called EXECUTE, which indicates if that row must be executed or not. Anything different from "Y" and the row is skipped.

But now, QTP 11 tells you you can't edit the DataTable in read-only mode. Sad.

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