segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2016

[NEWS] It's been a long while...

Yes, it's been a very long while I haven't posted anything here. And the reason why this happened is that I had been overwhelmed with work had and no spare time for writing.

We had a major upgrade to UFT 12.51 since a while ago, and recently I started working with web services automation. And, as you would expect, with new UFT feature comes a TON of bugs altogether (holy mama, it's even hard to remember of them from the top of my head!!).

So, next posts will probably be about UFT 12.51 impressions, what's new, what's not, maybe a small tutorial on web services automation, etc. What I can say, as of now, is that don't expect for for great news because there aren't (unfortunately).

Stay tuned!

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