sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

[BUG] You can't edit your test because it's been checked out by... YOU." WHAT?!?!?

Wait a second, I can't edit my own test that has been checked out by me in QTP?? What the fuck heck?

Yes my friends, that's the ugly truth.

QTP has a VERY inconvenient bug which makes a test checked out on HP Quality Center by you, to be blocked for editing from you. Get it? You can't edit your own test. Crazy! You should ALWAYS be able to edit the test you checked out, unless you open it on a different computer, during a check out.

This annoying error happens every time you check any of your tests out from Quality Center. In the middle of your hard work, QTP awfully crashes, closes and leaves you with no other option but to redo all the work you've done up to the last Ctrl+S you typed.

And this is not the only problem. QTP won't let you edit your own test for the next 10~15 minutes time frame. Can you believe it?

Wait a sec, QTP crashed for no reason and I am the one who gets punished? Fuck! Not fair!

Workarounds: there are two major workarounds applied to this issue.
  1. Wait for a 10~15minutes timeout from QC or QTP (I couldn't identify which one), and then re-open your test as nothing had happened. QTP will not tell your test is locked by you anymore.
  2. But if you have no time to waste, then create a copy of your test in QC using the Save As option, renaming your test to a different name. The major drawback of this approach is that you lose all the versions history and all the results in Quality Center, as it will consider this as a new test, not the same one you had.

Hint: save your test every so often. And I'm talking about every 1 minute, max. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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